Easyrig 2.5 Stabilizing Camera Support

Easyrig 2.5 Stabilizing Camera Support

The Easyrig 2.5 500N Stabilizing Camera Support is a cost effective system that can be used with small film and video cameras. With its ergonomic design, the Easyrig 2.5 redistributes the camera’s weight from the neck and shoulder muscles to parts of the body–such as the hips and legs–that can more easily support it. The patented Easyrig system lets you achieve steady shots from various camera levels while maintaining the speed and mobility of a handheld camera. The included 200N support arm allows support of cameras up to 13 lbs (5.9kg). The Easyrig 2.5 provides the stability and support necessary for documentaries, music videos and numerous other small productions.

  • 1 Easyrig 2.5  a 10-12 kg
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